Intelligent Document Processing

Discover the future of work with AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing.

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Spreadsheet & Contract Processing

AI powered intelligence to understand complex spreadsheet & cap tables and normalize data for extract and load.

Access the full-featured AI platform that offers enterprise-grade work enablement for financial services. By accessing the raw power of the Ancaeus Platform, customers can begin to deliver on multiple use cases across their organization; and can quickly integrate data, systems, documents, and proprietary models. Customers gain critical features for transfer learning, continuous learning, and secure GenAI. The state-of-the-art integration and automation features take centre stage as customers can “integrate anything-and-everything” into their AI solutions with ease.The integration and automation features of the Charli AI Ancaeus Platform come with full transparency to meet forthcoming AI regulations for Responsible and Explainable AI. Charli removes bottlenecks in business and enables teams to get more done, more profitably, with higher accuracy, and lower error rates.

  • Breakdown and extract data from complex and diverse financial spreadsheets
  • Intelligently normalize data across multiple sources including agreements, messages and files
  • Streamline spreadsheet processing and loading data into back-end systems

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