Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of data source can Charli AI handle?2023-07-14T02:37:16-07:00

Charli can consume vast amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data and process everything through complex AI ensembles to deliver bottom-line value to financial service organizations. Legacy data and tech stacks may prove problematic to other AI – but not to Charli.

Charli can connect to private and public data sources, integrate with Cloud data platform such as Snowflake and Databricks as well as tab into complex data sets through providers such as FactSet. Charli is just as comfortable dealing with complex data bases or traditional files such as PDFs, spreadsheet, word documents, presentation, audio and video transcripts and even hand written notes.

How is Charli implemented within the enterprise?2023-07-14T02:36:25-07:00

Our Delivery team engages with our customers to identify the use cases and understand the data access required for a successful deployment. The solution is then configured for the customer needs and is being prepared for deployment. Customer Success Team will help onboard key stakeholders and spend the time ensuring you get Charli up to speed so you can reduce your time-to-value and deliver bottom-line results. Charli also has an 97% accuracy rate out-of-the-box so onboarding is efficient and effective.

How Does Charli AI manage data privacy and security?2023-07-14T02:36:45-07:00

Charli AI takes security and privacy seriously, with transparent and observable outputs, SOC2 compliant data centers, and is fully monitored and frequently attack and pen-tested. Charli has been tested in industries with strict and stringent regulations and compliance requirements and passed with flying colors.

From a privacy standpoint, Charli AI operates all AI models used in the Ancaeus Platform and never uses customer data to train public models. This ensures privacy and maintains each customer’s competitive advantage by training AI models with their own IP and differentiated data and expertise.

Can AI be applied in more than one or two places in my business?2023-07-14T02:35:37-07:00

Charli AI is a Decision Intelligence platform, powered by advanced AI and is capable of scaling both vertically and horizontally. Charli applies state-of-the-art AI to understand any type of content, extract and fact-check details, and process information along with data that can be retrieved directly from internal or external sources. No-code configuration through an admin console provides the flexibility to deploy AI solutions in the enterprise at scale and can be applied to hundreds of use cases.

How does Charli AI fit in my organization?2023-07-14T02:35:16-07:00

The Charli AI Ancaeus platform can be integrated in your existing infrastructure, with more than 600 available integrations, the power of AI is used to connect structured and unstructured data sources for immediate analysis, processing and insight generation to address most common enterprise use cases such as Research, Compliance, Data Integration and enterprise automation.

How is Charli AI different than competing AI products?2023-07-14T02:33:33-07:00

Charli AI fundamentally different than most competing products in three areas:

  • Protects our customers data
    • Charli AI never uses customer data to train public models.
  • Generates factual and accurate results.
    • Uses hundreds of models to perform specific actions, combining the results for a reliable and relevant output. Fact checking is applied using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) techniques to ensure what is produced is based on the original content and avoids hallucinations.
  • Provides scalable solutions across the enterprise
    • Charli AI continuous learning framework allows to deal with changes in the enterprise process and data, significantly reducing costs of deployment and on going maintenance and avoids the need to train bespoke AI models.

Charli AI is pre-trained and fine tuned for enterprise use cases, allowing factual results with a high degree of accuracy right out of the box.

Where is Charli AI hosted, how does it get deployed?2023-07-14T02:39:22-07:00

Charli AI fully leverages state of the art Kubernetes technology and supports auto scaling of resources as well as self monitoring and healing capabilities. It also inherits industy’s most rigourous security and privacy capabilities. It runs on GCP, Azure and is also available on AWS. Additionally, it fully supports deployments on customer private cloud environments and on premises.

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