Commercial Real Estate

AI-Powered Decision Intelligence

for Commercial Real Estate

Our Multidimensional AI is the supercharged and Secure-by-Design AI for the Commercial Real Estate industry. No matter the specific requests and requirements of your project, Charli can extract data and content from disparate and disassociated systems and then read, evaluate, fact-check and create advanced and accurate valuations, summarize listings, uncover early warning signs and take action quickly, and so much more.

We’ve helped clients take their valuations process from 5 weeks to 3 days – reducing revenue leakage and allowing teams to spend more time critically thinking of how to apply their learnings and not stuck in the drudgery of complicated and lengthy workflows.

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Commercial Real Estate Use Cases

Valuations Optimization

Recognize over 80% in cost savings year-one by automating the paper intensive work of valuations.  Allow AI to collect and analyze property details including extensive  information from data sources and government sites such as retrieving, understanding and extracting details from bylaws.

Lease Agreements

Lease agreement understanding and processing for both tenants and clients can be time-consuming and error-prone.  Allow AI to understand and analyze lease agreements for better insights as well as generating consistency across agreements.

Market Research

Understanding the changing dynamics across markets in various regions is a critical function for organizations to remain at the top of their game.  AI can continuously monitor, analyze and report on changing market conditions including details around space, rates and other economic conditions.

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