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Connecting Charli AI to the Snowflake Data Warehouse Cloud

In this video, we demonstrate how to connect Charli AI to the Snowflake Data Warehouse Cloud Platform and use it for automated analysis. You will learn how to pull information from Snowflake into the AI due diligence process, using Apple as an example. The process is simple and only requires authorizing access to the Snowflake system. This video provides important context and[...]

How Will AI Affect the Markets?

Will AI hurt the stock market, benefit the stock market or have no effect?AI is growing at a very rapid pace and changing the way we look at the world. AI is being implemented across all aspects of our lives, so the question stands, how will the market be effected? In this clip from our webinar "How AI Is Impacting Wall Street," we[...]

Will AI Take Your Job?

How will AI affect the workplace?Should we fear the impact AI will have on our jobs?In this video, we explore how AI is changing jobs and creating new opportunities, particularly on Wall Street. Join us as we discuss the impact of AI on the future of the workplace.

Can We Truly Trust AI?

AI is nothing new, although it has been growing very rapidly in the past few years. With many new AI models and applications on the rise, trust is a key factor in how we apply this very useful tool. In this clip from our webinar "How AI Has Impacted Wall Street," we explore opposing views on AI trust.

Deep Dive on Q&A

In this video, we dive into Charli's question and answer feature within AI Due Diligence projects. When Charli has completed a Due Diligence report, interact with the AI to gain further insights and information surrounding the report. Ask questions on the data provided as well as further questions on the company.

AI Verified Content

In this video, we dive into AI verified content in Due Diligence reports. In order to ensure accuracy and reliability, Charli performs a detailed fact-check analysis on data provided in a report, as well as the Q&A, company highlights, and all other data provided. Charli will provide a confidence score on the informations accuracy and reliability.

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