Charli AI & Cherre

Intelligent insights, automation and decisions with Cherre real estate data 

As a leader in real estate data, our customers rely on data from Cherre to power their insights for market research, valuations, leasing, and property management. Integrating Multidimensional AI brings the power of AI automation and insights to commercial real estate customers. Our Multidimensional AI can query, analyze, and extract data directly from Cherre, allowing our customers to seamlessly integrate qualified data into their processes.

Incorporating Cherre into end-to-end AI automation with Charli AI allows customers to realize over 80% cost savings in back-office time savings. The data can be incorporated directly into valuations and research processes with the simple ease of enabling Cherre integration. Moreover, Multidimensional AI can combine, mesh, and analyze Cherre data with internal data sets and publicly sourced content. This flexibility can enable faster time-to-market for reports as well as generate new business opportunities for commercial real estate organizations.

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