Charli AI & Snowflake

The power of AI integrated with the Data Cloud

Snowflake offers a great data-as-a-service environment and a scalable suite of cloud data capabilities for customers to govern and modernize their data strategy. The Charli AI integration with Snowflake opens-up exciting new capabilities by leveraging both Generate and Extractive AI to consume data from Snowflake as well as enrich the data in Snowflake.

Charli AI is securely integrated with Snowflake’s cloud services allowing customers to seamlessly process data through the AI models and take advantage of data automation. Moreover, Multidimensional AI can be used to wrangle data from Snowflake and pre-process data through any out-of-the-box AI ensembles or custom AI models plugged into the platform.

With a bi-directional integration, Multidimensional AI can feed data to Snowflake for enrichment of existing data sets, capturing new data insights, and generating analytics. The power of AI can also drive digital transformation efforts by automating how IT teams migrate, transform, and validate data migration to the cloud.

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