AI Products for Financial Services

Traditional AI excelled in specific tasks within defined rules, like voice assistants or recommendation engines.

Generative AI marked a leap, creating new content in text, images, and music. GPT-4 by OpenAI showcases this capability in language generation.

Charli AI’s multidimensional AI leverages dynamic model selection and intelligent task prediction, processing data from text, images, and audio simultaneously.

AI Due Diligence

Automate Financial Analysis and Due Diligence

AI can take analyst reports to the next level and automate across thousands of data sources.

  • Captures the power of AI to leverage the data within FactSet, SEC EDGAR and other important data sources
  • Eliminate hours of tedious work gathering data, copying and pasting data, and generating basic reports
  • Interact with the data like never before and ask questions of the AI to perform deep analysis

AI Compliance & Research

Automate ESG and Data Ethics Governance

AI powered intelligence to interrogate data access requests and the power automate compliance

  • Intelligent understanding and investigation of data access requests for compliance
  • Ability to develop questions and perform a risk assessment on complex data requests
  • Automate ESG and data governance compliance with advanced reporting

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