The Automated Analyst for Wall Street

Accelerating Time-to-Value and Discovering New Financial Insights with Multidimensional AI!

The Automated Analyst for Wall Street

Accelerating Time-to-Value and Discovering New Financial Insights with Multidimensional AI

AI-Powered Decision Intelligence

As financial analysts, we spend hours combing through data and lengthy documents to find the information we need. Although it’s a critical exercise for us to gain insights into the portfolio of companies we manage, it is tedious and gruelling work. Work that can “suck the air of the room” and reduce the energy level needed for critical analysis and decision making. Data and information are scattered across different systems that make it more difficult and require us to connect, copy-and-paste, massage, and curate data before getting to the heart of analysis.

“SEC filings are a gold mine of information BUT reading them takes a lot of will power.”

Charli AI allows us to get to the point quickly. It has unleashed a new energy level to perform critical thinking or take a deeper dive into the data to discover hidden insights. AI-Powered Decision Intelligence is making a difference; and Charli AI can demonstrate clear productivity gains – gains that can increase the capacity and quality of work.

Charli AI automation deals with the headaches of integration; it handles the data mining and data curation; and it enables intelligent Q&A across a variety of rich financial details. The power of Charli AI natural language processing, data normalization, and analytical/sentiment focused analysis has changed the game.

A Revolutionary Shift in AI for Financial Services

Evolve beyond prompt engineering and brittle hard-coded automations

Multidimensional AI

Multidimensional AI and advanced adaptive systems mean you won’t be stuck in front of the computer prompting and dealing with inconsistent and error prone output.

Thousand Brain Architecture

Thousand Brain Architecture leverages a network of AI models and many optimized Large Language Models, specifically trained and adapted to operate in a secure fashion with privacy and compliance at the forefront.

Dynamic Learning

Autonomous and Dynamic Learning ensures Charli can perform in new scenarios and successfully problem-solve issues without requiring human intervention, while remaining fully explainable and auditable.

The Benefit of Multidimensional AI

Traditional AI excelled in specific tasks with machine learning models, statistical analysis, rules processing and other techniques for recommendations/predictions. Generative AI marked a leap, creating new content in text, images, and other forms.

Charli AI’s Multidimensional AI takes this to an entirely new level with the power to understand disparate data, break down lengthy and complex documents, and look at data from many different angles. It leverages the power of a ‘thousand brains’ and the intelligence of autonomous agents to scale AI to new levels. This is needed in the world of finance where technology must connect to many systems, understand natural language, digest government filings, extract tables and images, normalize structured data, and then magically put it all together to get a clear report.

Multidimensional AI breaks down technology barriers to get true intelligence.

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