Trust, Risk and Security Management in AI Systems

POSITION PAPER: Trust, Risk and Security Management in AI Systems

As AI is gaining traction in the industry, enterprises are faced with existential questions: “If we trust an AI system with our business, who will be the adult in the room?” In this document we go over the trust, risks, and security management (TRiSM) aspects in detail as it relates to AI solutions, specifically in the following three areas: Data protection, content integrity and AI application security.

De-risking Generative AI

Delivering on the customer service and compliance promises of AI without complaints or compromises.

In 2023, consumers expect the same functionality from their financial institutions as they do from personal technology. Enterprise financial leaders are finding that providing consumers with such fluid experiences means either digitizing their legacy systems and properly cultivating data from across the enterprise, or risk losing their customer base to competitors who will.

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