Charli AI Due Diligence

A revolutionary approach to Secure and Trusted Generative AI for the enterprise.

AI Due Diligence

Automate Financial Analysis and Due Diligence

Charli AI Due Diligence’s revolutionary approach to Generative AI for financial services lets analysts access data across disparate sources to uncover trends and find opportunities in the market. Charli can incorporate structured, unstructured and semi-structured data into a cohesive view; and analyze information to surface common themes across any diverse set of content sources. Charli AI uses sophisticated natural-language analysis, extractive and generative capabilities to produce clear, concise, and human-like outcomes. It ensures that a wealth of information is made available to internal data systems and can also be used to generate dashboards and high-quality reports automatically.

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Unlock the potential of our Charli AI Due Diligence product offering, “The Automated Analyst for Wall Street,” with this interactive video experience. Click “get started” below to delve into how to maximize the capabilities of your Automated Analyst. Follow the prompts to discover its features and gain valuable financial insights first hand.

Capture the power of AI to leverage the data within FactSet, SEC EDGAR and other important data sources

Leverage state-of-the-art capabilities of our AI-driven model to effortlessly extract and compile data from a range of sources. With CharliAI at your service, gain meticulously crafted AI reports that are both accurate and comprehensive. By extracting data from a range of sources including FactSet, SEC EDGAR, and others, CharliAI ensures that all AI reports are up to date with the latest financial figures and news.

Eliminate hours of tedious work gathering data, copying and pasting data, and generating basic reports

Typically, analysts can invest 80 or more labour intensive hours logging into systems, scrubbing data, searching for details, and scanning reports just to generate financial reports.  This consumes significant resources and drains productivity with repeated and tedious chores.  Charli AI, the solution to this challenge, will effortlessly generate precise and detailed AI reports in mere minutes. With Charli AI, analysts can watch our AI seamlessly gather, process, evaluate and deliver AI reports with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

Interact with the data like never before and ask questions of the AI to perform deep analysis

A key innovation within AI Due Diligence is a technology referred to as Contextual Cross Retrieval Augmentation.This is state-of-the-art AI technology that allows an AI to interact with disparate data sets in the way an human analyst does. Interact with Charli to ask specific questions about a report, get more clarity about the data, and create analysis that helps you make strategic decisions.

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