Meet the Ancaeus Platform

The Ancaeus Platform was developed by Charli AI to be a dominant platform for scaling, managing, deploying, and automating AI solutions for the enterprise.  It is all in the name Ancaeus (think Kubernetes for AI).  The platform can streamline how data is managed, secured and leveraged in AI solutions across the enterprise.

The platform integrates with enterprise systems, private data providers, and the public web to effectively use data as it is needed to train models, analyze information and generate insights.  Ancaeus is a platform that is designed with security and privacy at its core with key innovations on layering features across a diverse network of models.  The platform allows organizations to leverage public foundational models while securing their intellectual property so that data, queries and prompts are not exposed or used to train public models.  Even within the enterprise, the Ancaeus Platform can “air-gap” models, training data, and orchestration to protect the integrity and privacy of data.

Generative & Composite AI

There is more to AI than meets the eye and it can take a lot to unpack the wealth of capabilities available in AI models.  Composite AI encompasses all of the generative and extractive AI models along with models for analysis, trending, prediction and other functions required by business.  The Ancaeus Platform is a sophisticated composite AI framework that allows organizations to leverage a rich network of models (including pluggable models) that can adapt from use-case to use-case.

Secure, Responsible, & Trusted AI

Responsible AI is mandatory and essential for delivering trusted solutions to clients and regulators.  To have faith in how the AI performs, there is a need for comprehensive features around traceability, lineage, and transparency on the end-to-end orchestration of AI models.  Humans need to work side-by-side with AI to establish trust and there is an inherent requirement to review, test, feedback and audit on any-and-all outcomes.  The Ancaeus Platform provides unprecedented visibility into all AI elements and operations.

Fact-Based Analysis

Large language models (LLM’s) have gained wide popularity and are being used extensively; however, these models have shown to generate factual inconsistencies and can also inadvertently expose sensitive information.  The Ancaeus Platform incorporates a sophisticated set of Fact Check Analysis deep learning models that can verify relevancy and accuracy of results.  In combination with the platforms Decision Flow Checkpoints, the fact checking can also verify compliance for PII and other sensitive data.

AI-Focused Data Ontology

Data is mission critical in the enterprise and effective governance needs to be applied across all data (structured or otherwise).  In highly regulated industries such as financial services there are significant controls in place on how data can be accessed and used.  The Ancaeus Platform has incorporated a rich Ontology Driven AI framework that delivers on-demand graphs and can inherit and enforce data policies.

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