Multidimensional AI

AI-Focused Data Ontology

Rich Metadata and the Knowledge Repository

Data is the lifeblood of AI and the most critical asset within an enterprise – it is what drives the training, learning and insights generated through AI models. The data and metadata derived from understanding and processing data represents a rich and diverse knowledge repository.

Multidimensional AI incorporates a powerful Ontology Based AI to drive decision flows by understanding the richness in both data and metadata. Moreover, the Platform defines what is referred to internally as an On-Demand Ontology where the knowledge graph is generated as-needed and when needed. This is a breakthrough approach to statically defined knowledge graphs and avoids restrictive assumptions on how data needs to be structured and represented.

Context and meaning behind the data are essential in AI processing, and this context and meaning can radically change from case-to-case and person-to-person. It is all about perspective. Data is fluid; and our Multidimensional AI has been designed to reflect this in a dynamic AI-Focused Data Ontology.

On Demand Knowledge Graph that Adapts to Requirements

Data Lineage

Full traceability on data is available including access, channel, transaction, usage, and transformation throughout decision flows.  It is made available to users and administrators as needed.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy around data is critical and must be fine-grained to meet the policies within our customers environments.  Traditional RBAC/ABAC controls are supported.

On Demand Graph

There is no need to spend an endless amount of time understanding and defining brittle graph structures.  The AI generates intelligent information and representations on-demand for each decision flow.


Customers data models are rich with information and Multidimensional AI can leverage and extend enterprise schemas and data models with ease. Charli adapts to new representations and can generate enterprise schemas.

Customers benefit from the metadata generated by Multidimensional AI

The rich metadata produced and generated by Charli AI is available to customers and can be used to decorate and augment knowledge repositories within the enterprise — all in strict compliance with security and privacy policies. The metadata is used as a “data wrangling” feature for training custom AI/ML models, and is also used to feed data into cloud data platforms and enterprise databases.

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