AI-Powered Decision Intelligence

for Banking

True AI for the Banking Industry has never been more powerful and provided so much insight. Multidimensional AI was not only designed to expedite long and arduous tasks and processes, but is secure-by-design and able to withstand the rigor and stress testing required in this highly regulated industry.

Charli can track and monitor equity compensation plans, kick off new plans, obtain board approval, obtain all relevant information from disparate and historically disassociated data systems, and track all workflows. Our Banking partners track S1 filings, integrate new information when available, and create traceable and observable workflows to get to insight faster.

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Banking Industry Use Cases


Apply AI to automate the KYC / AML process and surface insights by discovering the signal in the noise.  AI can intelligently discover, understand, and digest information from diverse data sources to incorporate data into existing KYC / AML systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Keeping pace with ever-changing regulations is a daunting task and can present risks to both the operations and reputation.  Regulations are heavy in Natural Language paperwork and AI can make short work of understanding, breaking-down and synthesizing regulatory changes across the globe.

Equity Research

Automate the tedious and time-consuming exercise of keeping tabs on changes within the equity markets.  AI can alleviate the burden on analysts by discovering, collating and presenting data to allow them to make informed decisions and streamline report generation.

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