Charli AI & FactSet

Get more out of your FactSet Data with AI

When our customers are in need of quality financial data, they turn to FactSet; and Charli AI has partnered with FactSet to deliver the power of AI to understand and process data across business requirements. The Multidimensional AI Platform has seamless integration to query FactSet data and leverage the power of AI to intelligently deliver insights that can blend with enterprise information and content.

The capabilities of Multidimensional AI become apparent with the flexibility and power of dynamic integration and automation as it utilizes time-series data feeds directly from FactSet. These are intelligent insights that can support initiatives in core banking, investment research, and due diligence. The Multidimensional AI integration extends further to allow customers to take advantage of FactSet fundamentals, news feeds, ESG/SASB and other data feeds; and to combine this with internal and private sources of information.

Most of all, Charli AI safeguards all the data from source to processing to outcomes; and provides a governance framework for how queries and data can be leveraged.

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