Multidimensional AI

Fact-Based Analysis

The only True AI with fact-checking capabilities

The enterprise and strict regulatory requirements mean that the end results of any AI platform needs to be accurate and traceable. Other LLMs are being used extensively, but we have all been made extremely aware of the high likelihood of inaccuracies and hallucinations.

Our Multidimensional AI was built with Fact Check Analysis – a suite of “challenger” models that are deep learning models trained to verify the accuracy of any information produced by the AI generated outcomes.

Fact Check Analysis is needed to mitigate risks on hallucinations and to address limitations in LLMs and other AI models.

Ensure hallucinations can be identified, flagged and redlined

97% accurate “out of the box”

We have spent extensive time and human capital to create a platform that is 97% accurate without human intervention – meaning you can begin to use it right away. Charli is the smart AI for smart people. Save time, reduce errors, and gain valuable insight faster.

Safeguard through checkpoints

We safeguard the outcomes in a decision flow through the use of checkpoints. These are intelligent enforcement methods and monitoring and alerting methods. These are available at first use and can be tailored to use case. This is to ensure that Charli workflows are observable and traceable.

Checkpoints provide assurance

Our checkpoints can provide assurance on any range of issues, including PII and other regulatory compliance matters. Highly regulated industries rely on factual and relevant output, and Charli was built for the rigor required in these industries.

Feedback loops for learning and adaptability

These feedback loops allows for data edits, suggestions on outcomes from AI, and responding to errors and corrections during interactions. This feedback loop relies on human input – which is necessary to maintain integrity and provide context.

Our “thousand brains” model means more accuracy and more insight, at lightning speed

Multidimensional AI is composite and generative AI for the enterprise- and relies on a diverse set of AI models. This ensemble of models allows a collaboration and communication between them to ensure the output is factual and relevant. Charli AI provides fact-based analysis and output because each model is able and encouraged to perform its designed function. Once the models provide their output, Charli is able to orchestrate the desired result depending on the use case and specific details of the use cases.

What does this mean for you? Peace of mind that not only that your data and IP is secure and safe, but that your output will yield the results you expect. Our continuous testing and feedback loops and our team of data scientists constantly reassessing the decisions Charli means high quality insights surfaced and fact-checked comprehensive outputs.

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