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AI-Powered Decision Intelligence

for Financial Services

Multidimensional AI is the only Secure-by-Design AI built for the financial services enterprise. Our Platform can not only optimize and streamline lengthy and data-heavy processes but Charli is also able to securely access data from disparate and disassociated places and ingest, evaluate, analyze and fact-check to reduce time-to-insight.

The Charli AI has the capacity to collate and summarize information from a wide array of formats – which empowers subject matter experts by putting the relevant data at their fingertips 70% faster.

Our Platform harnesses the power of an ensemble of AI models to streamline and expedite processes, resulting in an acceleration of information discovery and analysis.

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Financial Services Use Cases

Back Office Optimization

It is a paper-intensive industry and the details within the paper are critical to the business.  Back office optimization has been elusive with legacy tooling that involves heavy-lift from valuable people in the organization.  AI can deliver with real understanding of content and intelligence on how to automate.

Client Onboarding

Client onboarding is a business critical case of receiving, analyzing and synthesizing client data and paperwork to get the data and details into financial systems.  Delays in onboarding directly impact revenue/profitability — as well as reputation.  AI can take client onboarding from weeks down to minutes.

Market Research

Charli’s integrations with top KYC platforms makes it simple to plug Charli in to your existing processes. Use Charli to supercharge your workflow and transform the way you bring new clients on.

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