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Implementing AI for Cross Functional Impact Across the Enterprise

AI for Business has Massive Potential There has long been a desire by business executives and CIOs to recognize the value of AI across the organization and not just in specific implementations. Given the current economic climate and the desire to automate as much as possible, AI has become an even greater imperative in business, and Generative AI in particular is garnering attention. A[...]

The Shift From Generative AI to Adaptive AI

Understanding the Impact of Complex AI in the Enterprise It is hard to miss the buzz surrounding ChatGPT. It’s all over mainstream media and has caught everyone’s attention. It might appear to have come out of nowhere, but the underlying generative AI capabilities have been around for some time, and we’ve seen ‘snippets’ of the AI’s capabilities in blog writing, note taking and creative[...]

Future of Generative AI for Enterprises: Are Large Language Models Viable Options?

In the past couple of years, the advancement in Large Language Models (LLM) has continued to push the limits of what is possible in natural language processing (NLP). However, there’s a concerning gap between the hype and what LLMs actually are. At its core, a language model is tasked with predicting what word comes next. These unsupervised models are trained on a huge amount[...]

How Charli Can Make Financial Market Research Smarter

Financial market analysts have a difficult job. It’s one that involves highly time sensitive tasks and can have great influence over business decisions – with potentially significant consequences. Financial analysts are often tasked with developing market analysis reports, based on a large volume of data and a very short window of time. The ability to provide these reports – while also ensuring they’re trusted[...]

How AI Can Make Meetings Smarter in 2022

Virtual meetings have become the norm. Even as some employees return to the office, hybrid meetings, which blend in-person and virtual participants, are here to stay. Although many of us dream of having fewer meetings in our day, meetings are essential and can foster healthy communication, alignment and decision-making processes. The challenge, though, is to effectively manage the information shared and discussed in meetings.[...]

5 Ways to Create Better Meeting Summaries

The way we work has changed. Particularly over the past two years, there’s been a considerable shift towards remote working and virtual collaboration. This has tested the boundaries of not just our workflow capabilities, but how we communicate. One of those essential ways we communicate in work settings is meetings. Regardless of how our workflows have changed, meetings will never become obsolete. In fact,[...]

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