Data Protection, Compliance, and AI in the Enterprise

Data and information has always been an important element of a corporate strategy. Great data helps business leaders make decisions, review historical trends to forecast more effectively, and work more quickly and with intention. With that, data security and protection is extremely important as well.

As more organizations are diving deeper into AI for enterprise business cases, the need for data becomes even more important and with that, it’s critical for the enterprise to consider data protection and regulatory compliance as part of their strategy.

AI needs data — and a lot of it — to make effective decisions and provide value to the enterprise. With the increased utilization of corporate data for these applications, with it comes an even higher level of data protection policies and regulations than ever before.

The Evolving Data Protection Scenario

Information is power. From understanding consumer behavior to streamlining operations to powering generative and composite AI solutions, data is the compass guiding business strategies and is what enables powerful AI solutions like Charli to work. The increasing need for data brings new challenges for CIOs to consider and develop strategies around. Unauthorized access, data custody, drift and leakage, and corporate data being used to train large language models (LLMs) are all points of concern which need to be addressed within the enterprise.

What should a CIO Know?

AI is evolving so rapidly that it is easy to get caught up in the hype cycle and aspirations for what AI can do for your business. In reality, what really matters is that AI should be in support of your overall business strategy and goals. Don’t employ AI for the sake of using AI — use it to support your business overall — and keep your AI strategy flexible as this field is evolving faster than any technology we’ve seen before.

Decoding Regulatory Adherence in Businesses

Being compliant isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s a commitment to maintaining a brand’s integrity and to operate ethically and responsibly, especially when it comes to data. With frameworks like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA in place, the onus is on businesses to ensure data privacy. Navigating this intricate set of regulations can be challenging, especially with the rapid technological shifts.

What should a CIO Know?

Many AI products are leveraging LLMs and other foundational AI models which may or may not be handling your data with as much protection and care as is needed. For example, many LLMs use the data you provide it with to further train their model. This means your corporate data may be used to train the model which may expose your data to the world.

CIOs should adapt their technology strategy and policies to include protocol for using AI at work – at the corporate level and at the individual contributor level — to ensure corporate data is handled with care.

AI’s Contribution to Business Data Protection

AI is a transformative technology when put to work strategically and with care. Through machine learning and natural language processing, AI can discern patterns and irregularities often overlooked by conventional security measures. For instance, AI’s ability to recognize abnormal data usage patterns can be instrumental in flagging potential security breaches.

AI’s proactive stance means it doesn’t just respond to threats but anticipates them.

What should a CIO Know?

Safe AI platforms can be used to monitor and address compliance and regulatory considerations businesses need to make. Take Charli AI’s Compliance & Reporting for example — Charli AI integrates with existing compliance, security and data governance tools to bring intelligence and insight that improves the overall posture for compliance, privacy, and governance. Charli AI’s network of AI models can learn, adapt, extract, cross reference, generate and automate to alleviate a massive compliance burden in Financial Services.

AI’s Hand in Streamlining Compliance

AI’s can be used to ensure compliance to regulations and laws. AI tools can review extensive data sets ensuring practices align with regulations and corporate policy. This not only minimizes non-compliance risks but also reduces the manual workload on compliance teams.

What should a CIO Know?

We believe in using AI along with the humans on your team. AI isn’t here to entirely replace humans at work — it’s there to supercharge them and provide them with the ability to get more done, in less time, than ever before. Blind dependence on AI without human oversight is a risk that shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, keeping humans involved and understanding how the AI is working is a key component of Ethical and Responsible AI.

Striking a Balance Between AI Advancements and Data Safeguards

Innovation is something we strive for in technology and in business. However, there’s a fine line between embracing AI advancements and upholding data safeguards and compliance.

What should a CIO Know?

Cross-functional collaboration is the answer. Working with trusted AI vendors to help guide your thinking is a key way to enable this collaboration. Your team should include your tech team, legal experts, line of business leaders, and data scientists to ensure that your AI applications are aligned with business objectives as well as security and regulatory guidelines.

So what’s to come?

The horizon looks promising. As AI technologies mature, we can expect a suite of advanced tools tailored for data protection and regulatory adherence. While threats will inevitably evolve, AI’s ability to adapt and learn ensures that businesses can remain a step ahead.

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