AI-Powered Decision Intelligence

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Charli AI can help review and extract specific legal clauses and terms, summarize findings into customized templates, analyze data and content from disparate and historically disassociated locations, and provide a relevant and fact-checked report with full traceability and oversight.

The Legal industry can build a competitive advantage by leveraging Multidimensional AI to gain clarity, streamline long and error-prone processes, and align teams horizontally and vertically to deliver bottom-line value and reduce revenue leakage.

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Legal Industry Use Cases

Memos and Agreements

Streamline the processing of agreements and legal memos by allowing AI to capture, synthesize and record chapters, sections, clauses, and precedents for insights, consolidation, reporting and generation.  AI can quickly assist  the legal team in fact checking and quality checking.

Back Office Optimization

Legal work is swamped in paperwork and back-office administration that can impact client relationships and increase time and costs.  AI streamlines the handling and movement of paperwork by understanding and automating end-to-end processes; including feeding documents and data to back-end systems.

Agreement Generation

Document production can be rapid, clear and concise by applying composite AI and AI automation to the generation of new contracts and legal agreements.  This assures the legal team of consistency and quality in the agreements and alleviates the copy-paste burden to focus the team on valuable decisions.

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