Equity Compensation

AI-Powered Decision Intelligence

for Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation teams often find themselves analyzing massive amounts of data and content in order to find the right solutions. Our Multidimensional AI can review and accurately analyze vast amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from a variety of sources with ease. Charli also analyzes and fact-checks while it works and was built for complete traceability and observability. This means you can see the how and why of each decision.

This allows teams to get to the information they truly want quickly to make better business decisions. Ensuring fairness and consistency, identifying opportunities and areas to improve, and uncover trends supercharges humans by reducing time-consuming and historically tedious tasks to free up teams to get to insight faster and with more clarity than ever before.

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Equity Compensation Use Cases

Cap Table Processing

Cap Tables are complex beasts that need to be understood, digested, analyzed and incorporated into equity management systems.  Performing this onerous task with clients and maintaining synchronization with changes can be daunting. AI can unlock resources and reduce the effort by over 90% with a higher degree of accuracy.

Corporate Governance

Organizations have a fiduciary responsibility to the company and the tracking and reporting of governance activities is essential.  Equity management and compensation can provide front-line capabilities through AI to capture changes, process documents, and even understand board meetings to ensure healthy governance.

Stock Plan Optimization

Maintaining an ESOP and keeping agreements lined up with policies and records is a challenge in private companies and heavy on paper processing within public companies.  AI can easily understand stock option plans and agreements to gain massive efficiencies in records keeping and reporting, including alerts on vesting schedules. 

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