Client Onboarding

Our Multidimensional AI can eliminate and alleviate the burdens associated with data cleansing, extraction, formatting and transformation, and help your team eliminate errors, streamline processes and get to insight at lightning speed. Efficiency gains of going from weeks to hours and minutes can positively impact relationships and profitability.

Onboard Clients Faster & Improve Time to Value

Reduce inconsistencies from disparate data

Typical client onboarding process require a multitude of steps, including gathering detailed financial and personal data, verifying data against various sources across internal and international and government agencies, creating and maintaining client accounts, and post-onboarding tasks that demand continuous monitoring for compliance – to name a few. Speed up the process and gain clarity with the Charli AI.

Synchronize data in different forms and formats

Implementation of client onboarding procedures can turn into a nightmare for teams due to different forms and formats of data spread across multiple systems and sources. Charli AI can extract, analyze, synthesize, and fact-check data and content from systems used to support HR, payroll, and other equity computer systems and financial applications.

Reduce time-to-insight by reducing workflow drudgery

Typical customer onboarding involves a long list of time-consuming manual processes, which can increase the chance of error. These manual steps can also come with operational and compliance risks. Reduce time-to-insight by reducing the workflow drudgery and using Charli AI to perform the long and time-consuming processes of client onboarding.

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