How Charli Can Make Financial Market Research Smarter

Financial market analysts have a difficult job. It’s one that involves highly time sensitive tasks and can have great influence over business decisions – with potentially significant consequences.

Financial analysts are often tasked with developing market analysis reports, based on a large volume of data and a very short window of time.

The ability to provide these reports – while also ensuring they’re trusted and timely – is a differentiating factor to growing an audience and beating the competition. Often, the quality of the reports and analysis provided directly contributes to the brand and reputation of the financial institution.

Here’s how Charli AI Research is making financial market research smarter.

Charli does the initial research for you

The first time-consuming step in financial market research is gathering data on market news and updates, and organizing that data into digestible chunks so that it can then be presented in a concise report.

The need to read all the necessary raw information quickly takes up most of the researcher’s cognitive capacity and sometimes results in an arbitrary selection of content to inform key details for the report. Moreover, the tedious nature of this task means analysts have less time or brainpower to apply their opinion to the piece.

That’s where Charli AI Research can help.

Using true AI, Charli analyzes both public and private information, and automates the gathering, understanding, and summarization of content.

Since research often involves drawing information from a variety of different sources and document types, Charli can compile and process information from web links, articles, PDF, Word documents, and so on – meaning the possibilities for research are practically limitless.

Analysts simply need to add content to a collection within Charli, and this data can be interpreted and rewritten into a report in just a few clicks.

That’s a lot of frontend work done, so analysts can focus on the cognitively challenging tasks that require subject matter expertise and industry knowledge.

By augmenting the research process, Charli cuts the task into a fraction of the time it would take a human to accomplish it.

Charli prepares the first draft of your report

With the information gathered and organized, Charli can populate a comprehensive report, in human-like language, and email it to the analyst within minutes.

Charli’s AI-generated report includes:

  • Keywords
  • Key themes
  • Summaries
  • Relevance information
  • Sources and references

The resulting reports appear human-written, with very few errors or grammatical mistakes.

The reports Charli creates are highly accurate and offer insights that researchers or analysts may have missed.

Charli surfaces common themes

One of the key objectives of a financial analyst is to review the data gathered and identify common themes to derive market trends and key indicators.

But with the sheer volume of information required to be considered, crucial insights can sometimes get missed.

Charli AI Research pulls out common themes and presents these to analysts for further investigation. Not only can this trigger new ideas, it also frees up cognitive bandwidth for analysts to develop high-value, fact-based and informed opinions.

By surfacing common themes, analysts can gain new ideas to spur future investigation.

Charli makes sharing a breeze

In today’s world of hybrid work, analysts need tools to help them collaborate seamlessly and securely.

Charli makes it easy for team members to share their research resources – whether that’s one piece of content, or a collection of hundreds of pieces of content – with the click of a button.

What’s better is that the analyst can also share the summaries they’ve generated or the notes they’ve added to their research – and they can audit who accessed that content and when, as well as any changes that have been made.

Removing share permissions is also easy, meaning information stays secure and only those who need to know have access.

Sharing content collections, research notes and reports is easy and secure with Charli.

Charli can make meetings meaningful again

Meetings – especially earning calls – provide an important source of information for financial analysts and researchers. Transcripts aren’t provided until after the call is complete, meaning there’s little time to read and analyze information from them and assess them against competitive perspectives.

Charli AI Meetings is another AI-product from Charli. It’s designed to remove the need to manually prepare meeting transcripts, allowing users to give their full attention to getting the most value out of these meetings.

Charli AI Meetings can be used in tandem with Charli AI Research to create accurate summaries, generate action items and make meetings meaningful.

Endless possibilities with Charli AI

Charli’s flexibility makes it a powerful companion for financial analysts. As analysts’ jobs continue to be more demanding, the right technology helps analysts stay ahead of the game.

Charli can offer a solution by:

  • Saving significant time during the initial research phase: After creating a content collection in Charli, analysts simply input keywords they’re interested in and Charli will do the rest.
  • Bypassing the time needed to do routine work: Gathering volumes of information is time-consuming, manual, and tiring. Charli automates those tasks, providing a more thoughtful approach to work.
  • Enabling analysts to add value: By significantly reducing the arduous task of collecting and organizing data, Charli gives analysts time back to add extra value to their reports.
  • Uncovering new topics and concepts: Charli’s ability to extract keywords and surface highlights on new topics helps analysts identify new areas of research.
  • Empowering decision making: Charli’s comprehensive reports give analysts and companies the ability to make quick decisions, based on accurate and insightful information.
  • Enhancing employee experience: Charli contributes to a positive employee experience by automating the boring tasks, cutting down on research time, and helping analysts with reporting.
  • Improving retention rates: With Charli, analysts are able to address cognitively challenging and skillful work, resulting in better employee engagement and workplace satisfaction.

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