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Charli AI

Eliminate notetaking and automate task creation

Say goodbye

to manual note taking

Charli AI Meetings understands live audio or text transcripts of meetings and creates shareable AI-generated meeting summaries. All with a high level of accuracy and speed.

That means you can reduce the number of people you need in your meetings, and the amount of time it takes to record and follow-up on action items.

Plus, integrate Charli with your PM tool and it will automatically create and assign tasks based on what was discussed in the meeting.

Make meetings

meaningful again

And keep everyone on the same page

Create highly-accurate meeting summaries

Works with Teams, Zoom, Webex, Slack and more

Highlight key themes and topics

Integrates with nearly all PM platforms

Generate action items and points for follow up

Understands live audio or transcripts

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See how Charli can transform your content capabilities

Spend less time managing content. And more time creating value.