How to Fix a Messy Google Drive

Getting tired of searching your Google Drive and still not finding what you need?

How organized is your digital life, really? Is all of your content…like documents, photos, and expense receipts…filed away in a tidy folder structure and super easy to find whenever you need it?

Let’s face it: most of us don’t have the time to spend sorting our inbox, desktop, or even our pockets! Clutter accumulates, and important content gets lost somewhere in the mountain of stuff.

That file you must-have for your meeting in 10 minutes is on… Slack? Google Drive? In Gmail??

You have no idea where it is, but Charli, your new AI-powered file manager, does. Effortlessly find, share, and manage cloud docs and web links all in one place.

The problem we’re trying to solve

With more of our work happening in the cloud and more teams going remote, the need to stay in constant contact has ballooned the amount of data we’re sending and receiving. As a result, we’re focused on moving at the speed of the internet and that typically means we never slow down to get things organized. That’s where Charli comes in.

Disorganization within a team or company can lead to things becoming messy and hard to control. Silos of information form. A McKinsey study found that 19% of the average knowledge worker’s time is spent on gathering information. That means in a week you and your team could spend one whole day just looking for what they need to get work done.

This is really disruptive to workflow and especially the case in remote work environments.

Breaking your flow to constantly search slack, your inbox, desktop and cloud drives to do work is not productive.

Clutter and disorganization can lead to burnout

Clutter is a ubiquitous part of our lives. And nowhere is more prone to clutter than the virtual workspace where content multiplies. We stash ideas in our notes app, add action items to a task list, and have documents spread across our local drives, cloud apps, and invoices.

All this external clutter creates internal clutter and increases our cognitive load, making it harder for us to focus and perform.

It’s time for a new approach

The distracted multitasking model of work is doing no one any favors. It leaves individuals at risk of burnout and unable to do the work they love. And it harms businesses, where success or failure hinges on being able to manage and act upon the information that lives within all these dispersed sources of content.

As a business grows and as work becomes increasingly digital, our communication methods become even more diverse. Our survey found that modern professionals use a wide range of tools including personal and work emails, text messaging, phones, Facebook messaging, WhatsApp, Zoom, and more to stay connected through the workday.

As our communication spreads across multiple platforms and devices, it becomes more difficult, time-consuming, and ultimately costly to manage.

At Charli, we know that small business owners set up shop to pursue a passion, whether it’s running a fast-paced e-commerce storefront, a growing digital marketing agency, or a busy consulting practice. What we’re pretty sure that no one dreams of is spending over 60% of their time on admin just to make the business run.

That’s the reason we created Charli—to free up your time and get you back to your passion.

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