Charli AI fundamentally different than most competing products in three areas:

  • Protects our customers data
    • Charli AI never uses customer data to train public models.
  • Generates factual and accurate results.
    • Uses hundreds of models to perform specific actions, combining the results for a reliable and relevant output. Fact checking is applied using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) techniques to ensure what is produced is based on the original content and avoids hallucinations.
  • Provides scalable solutions across the enterprise
    • Charli AI continuous learning framework allows to deal with changes in the enterprise process and data, significantly reducing costs of deployment and on going maintenance and avoids the need to train bespoke AI models.

Charli AI is pre-trained and fine tuned for enterprise use cases, allowing factual results with a high degree of accuracy right out of the box.