Factual and Accurate AI

Applied Science that is Proven in Production

It is all about the data and applied sciences, and Charli AI is focused on delivering advanced features that ensure the accuracy of information that is extracted and generated. Not all AI is created equal, and the various AI methods in use today have been incorporated in many cases for several years. However, the Ancaeus Platform is a state-of-the-art implementation with proven results that demonstrate >98% accuracy out-of-the-box; and incorporates deep learning models to fact-check and redline results from generative and extractive AI models.

As an enterprise-grade platform that operates in highly regulated industries, accuracy and facts matter. This is not consumer-grade technology, nor is it designed to meet creative requirements for blogs and images. In financial services, the information must be real-time, relevant, and factual. The writing must be germane to the reporting and analysis requirements and cover the essential topics required by our customers clients and investors. Moreover, the information that is extracted or generated by the Ancaeus Platform must be 100% traceable and attributable; even the images generated must be based on facts and referenced.

The applied science of AI across enterprise data and systems is infinitely more complex than relying on the algorithms within single models (even LLMs); however, the methods within the Ancaeus Platform can deliver results that financial organizations seek. Charli AI’s leading experts and scientists can take your company through innovative techniques including transfer learning, multi-modal analysis, retrieval augmentation, prompt engineering, model optimization and more.

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