Charli AI’s next-gen release gives financial services sector the ability to make faster, fact-based decisions with less risk

Enterprises gain a competitive edge with an AI platform that securely combines high value proprietary data with current, accurate external information

VANCOUVER, BCSept. 20, 2023 /CNW/ – Charli AI today announced the next release of its state-of-the-art Ancaeus platform which provides the Financial Services sector assurances over data privacy, security, transparency, and compliance enterprise-wide. Enterprises now have a competitive advantage to combine existing in-house models, proprietary data and research with external market data into a secure, cost-effective and adaptable generative AI network of models that understands their business goals, and allows them to make safer, speedier, fact-based decisionsThis is ground-breaking technology that is setting the benchmark for secure, responsible AI across the industry.

Charli AI’s platform is a sophisticated network of ensembles designed with security and governance at the forefront. Its design ensures proprietary customer data and intellectual property are protected in a scalable environment while retaining compliance with worldwide regulations. It provides end-to-end visibility and traceability for how information is extracted or generated and leverages its network of AI models to fact-check outcomes, ensuring accuracy and relevancy.

The current industry focus on accuracy and urgency for AI solutions is pushing CIOs and IT executives to turn to expensive bespoke solutions with fixed capabilities and limited security and governance or to build it themselves, which involves a massive investment in data, a highly skilled team to implement, and the ongoing management of security and functional upgrades. 

“We have the future of enterprise AI in a platform,” said Kevin Collins, Founder and CEO of Charli AI. “The ability to deploy a tailored, enterprise-wide AI infrastructure right out of the box that can adapt to company goals, learn to understand your business, and integrate human feedback to continually improve. Because we ensure customer data is not used to train generic AI models, we protect the customer’s intellectual property and eliminate the risks of data leaks in shared models. This is a huge competitive advantage for our customers. It’s a fundamental change in how AI is built and deployed within the enterprise.”

Charli AI’s architecture can provide a custom alternative that connects into existing systems at the fraction of the cost with very little training. In addition, Ancaeus requires little ongoing maintenance to deal with changing proprietary databases, data formats and documents and can easily cope with data and concept drift.

Charli AI is already proving to be a game changer for its key financial services enterprise customers across North America. For example, a major North American customer saw accuracy rates exceeding 98%; more than 80% cost savings compared against the same work that had been done manually; and the potential for a 200% increase in revenue due to capacity increase and faster response time for deal flow.

Charli AI’s key products include:

Charli AI Compliance & Reporting
Uses the ultimate power of automation to handle the intensity involved in oversight, governance, audit, and compliance across Financial Services to deal with regulations, policies, and changes in jurisdictions. Regulatory compliance is an ongoing, expensive, and time-consuming effort that is fraught with challenges as humans grapple with an ever-increasing workload. The Charli AI Compliance & Reporting AI models can quickly understand regulatory requirements, internal policies and start to audit and automate compliance. Charli AI integrates with existing compliance, security and data governance tools to bring intelligence and insight that improves the overall posture for compliance, privacy, and governance. Charli AI’s network of AI models can learn, adapt, extract, cross reference, generate and automate to alleviate a massive compliance burden in Financial Services.

Charli AI Integration & Automation
Access the full-featured AI platform that offers enterprise-grade work enablement for financial services. By accessing the raw power of the Ancaeus Platform, customers can begin to deliver on multiple use cases across their organisation; and can quickly integrate data, systems, documents, and proprietary models. Customers gain critical features for transfer learning, continuous learning, and secure GenAI. The state-of-the-art integration and automation features take centre stage as customers can “integrate anything-and-everything” into their AI solutions with ease. The integration and automation features of Ancaeus come with full transparency to meet forthcoming AI regulations for Responsible and Explainable AI. Charli removes bottlenecks in business and enables teams to get more done, more profitably, with higher accuracy, and lower error rates.

About Charli AI Inc.
Charli AI (Charli) is the premier provider of True AI and AI-powered decision intelligence for the enterprise. It specialises in offering innovative AI applications that are secure, regulatory compliant and scalable for Financial Services. Charli provides organisations with AI solutions to get more done, in less time, securely, than ever before, providing a competitive advantage in today’s digital world by reducing content chaos and manual effort, allowing workforces to focus on contributing their expertise. Charli AI is a tech powerhouse backed by an expert team of Ph.D. scientists, engineers, and content management experts who are pushing the boundaries of innovation in the AI-driven intelligent content management and generation space. Today, Charli AI can integrate with over 600 applications giving it broad appeal across industry sectors.

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