Charli AI’s new Ancaeus platform brings Generative AI to the enterprise

Deployed across the enterprise, Generative AI brings weeks of work down to minutes and realises cost savings greater than 70%

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 21, 2022 /CNW/ – Charli AI today announced the launch of Ancaeus, its new generative AI platform for the enterprise. Ancaeus is a state-of-the-art AI platform designed for cross-functional use across an enterprise that can discover, understand, and use facts extracted from millions of pieces of content to generate insights, spreadsheets, presentations and well written natural language reports that can be circulated, reviewed and integrated with third party applications.

The impact of this release is significant at a time where labour shortages and cost increases are putting corporate management teams under intense pressure to increase revenue with smaller budgets. Founded by serial entrepreneur Kevin Collins, Charli AI’s Ancaeus platform provides a unique opportunity for enterprises to accelerate their AI adoption. As the Financial Services industry enters a massive technology disruption, AI becomes even more essential to keep up with market dynamics and leapfrog the competition.

Built with AI at its core, Charli AI’s platform includes a sophisticated “network of ensembles” that are orchestrated to perform advanced tasks “right out of the box”, eliminating the vast amount of training required for bespoke machine learning models. Using advanced feedback loops and continuous learning techniques, it can quickly achieve a high degree of accuracy and continually improve over time.

“Companies have spent billions on narrowly focused AI solutions with limited and siloed success. Traditional AI deployments require an enormous amount of data, an army of highly skilled staff to implement, and have prohibitive ongoing maintenance costs as the data gets stale and models need to be retrained and redeployed,” said Kevin Collins, Founder and CEO of Charli AI. “Our Ancaeus platform is changing that reality with an unmatched set of AI capabilities that are fully productized, ready to deploy, delivering day-one value, and handling diverse sets of data dynamically. Our customers are seeing unprecedented accuracy out of the box and greater than 70% cost savings. It’s an industry game changer,” he said.

One of the biggest digital transformation challenges that enterprises face is overcoming organisational reticence in embracing new technologies and processes. Adopting AI requires a new approach to everyday work. Our Ancaeus platform is built with an intuitive user interface that is designed to build trust and allow individuals and teams to interact directly with the AI, learning to understand its decisions and how to quickly train it for higher accuracy and more business relevance.

Charli AI provides a powerful human-to-AI collaboration that is easy to use and works directly with business and technical teams in the organisation. It also allows for headless integration so that teams can work directly with the AI using existing tools such as email, chat and other enterprise apps that everyone is familiar with. The technology built by Charli AI supercharges employees and allows them to spend more time doing what humans do best – being creative, making decisions, building relationships, leading to increased customer engagement and added value from employees.

Charli AI Research can search, access, read, understand, and synthesize large volumes of any type of business data and content, and turn it into a client-ready designed report that can then go to a human for a quick edit and final review. Tasks that used to take weeks can be done in hours or minutes, removing barriers to growth, and ultimately freeing up time for humans.
Use Case: Charli AI Research is used by Financial Services firms to research markets, perform due diligence, report on financials and taxes, digest corporate filings, accelerate audits, validate compliance and risk, and even improve contract review and writing.

Charli AI Meetings produces actionable meeting reports, not just meetings notes. The AI models manage pre-meeting research, material prep and attendee invites. An actionable highlight report is automatically shared with attendees following the meeting and uploaded into a CRM or task management system as required. Use Case: Financial Services firms are leveraging Charli AI Meetings for corporate governance, boosting client engagement, capturing and automating action items for follow-up, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Charli AI is a tech powerhouse backed by an expert team of Ph.D. scientists, engineers, and content management experts. Its data scientists excel in designing new and advanced AI models, as well as refining and training for natural language understanding and generation, document understanding, information extraction, content summaries and highlights, topic analysis and keyword extraction. The team is pushing the boundaries of innovation in the AI-driven intelligent content management and generation space.

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