Charli AI 4.0: A Quantum Leap with Multidimensional AI

Trusted and Scalable AI Operations for Financial Services

Breakthroughs in multimodality, contextual cross-referencing, attention layers, and dynamic learning are advancing well beyond the capabilities of today’s Generative AI. Multidimensional AI is proving that responsible, accurate, and scalable AI is a reality for Financial Service customers. At Charli AI we recognized several years ago that Generative AI was not going to be enough to meet the needs of our customers where accuracy matters and risk tolerance is low.

With the Charli AI 4.0 Beta release, we are excited to announce the next advancement of our platform and the introduction of Multidimensional AI. This release comes as AI continues to make headlines and Financial Service organizations find themselves at a pivotal juncture. The stakes are high as organizations sit at a crossroads of seizing the opportunity or running the risk of falling behind.

A key challenge for CDOs and Chief AI Officers is striking the balance between the opportunity to leapfrog their competition by deploying new AI technology with a steep learning curve, and the need to show short term and predictable ROI. Current AI solutions are often extremely expensive to scale and maintain, making the business case hard to sell to senior leadership.

The key to successful AI deployments is to scale initial use cases across the organization with incremental investments that leverage and reapply a core and common framework.

With the Charli AI 4.0 Beta release, our platform brings features to Financial Services that are first of its kind. The platform derisks AI deployments by implementing Trusted and Scalable AI across the entire organization, a mission critical criteria for all enterprises. Charli AI’s platform does this by offering full visibility, observability, and explainability over the entire AI workforce through an advanced AIOps technology we refer to as auto-drive. This is goal-oriented, task-predictive and autonomous AI that can orchestrate, invoke and manage intelligent AI operations. It is a capability that allows infinite scalability, with trust, for our Financial Service customers.

Multidimensional AI

Charli AI’s groundbreaking Multidimensional AI is revolutionary in many respects as it applies autonomous decision flows with dynamic learning and advanced multimodal analysis to deliver scale and accuracy. It goes well beyond the current state of Generative AI that is quickly falling behind on achieving the results needed in sophisticated industries such as Financial Services.

The Nucleus of Multidimensional AI is an adaptive network of AI models that collaborate to undertake complex tasks such as:

  • Translating unstructured and complex data into usable data at scale
  • Generating trusted, greater than 98% accurate, and fully explainable outcomes
  • Running massive workloads through AI for core banking, commercial real estate, investment banking, accounting and advisory firms
  • Delivering automated and valuable insights across the enterprise

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Contextual Cross Retrieval Augmentation

A key innovation in Multidimensional AI is a technology referred to as Contextual Cross Retrieval Augmentation.

This is not RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation)! It is so much more advanced and necessary in a world where accuracy and relevancy matters. It is not well understood, but RAG can actually introduce risk and create unintentional data exposures. Trusting the results and outcomes is required and Contextual Cross Retrieval Augmentation delivers. This is state-of-the-art AI technology that can infer and retain context across many different nuanced data sources and data types, as well as manage context across many different perspectives and Generative AI models. The technology has the ability to self-learn to establish context. It can layer the context. It can also manage sliding context windows to deliver accuracy across massive data sets.

Where is this used today? It is being applied to dynamically learn and fully understand regulatory policies (in minutes, not years). It is applying learned knowledge to perform compliance and reporting; auditing, assessment and critical decision assist.

Explainability, Trust, Risk, and Audit

Transparency has always been central to Charli AI’s vision, but this release reaches a new level with the ability to translate machine language decision parameters into natural language. This provides business administrators deep insights into how decisions are made and provides a clear path to continuously improve performance and accuracy for specific business needs. There is full traceability and auditability throughout decision flows and pipelines. There are concrete breakdowns of the decision inputs and outputs. And now there is reasoning on top of the decisions that can be explained in human terms.

Coming Soon

Customers are fully leveraging the Charli AI 4.0 Beta release today and this version will be generally available in Q1 2024. The GA version of the product will also include several enhancements including:

  • Automated Continuous Learning for Document Classification
  • Self Service Administration for AI Configuration and Operational Management
  • Security enhancements and partner support for advanced governance and protection of data in-transit and at-rest through orchestrated AI models

The Charli AI Ancaeus Platform empowers you and your organization with the right models that can be seamlessly deployed on-premise or within a private cloud environment.

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