Best Chrome Extensions for Real Estate Agents

What’s today’s theme for the real estate industry? Uncertainty. The pandemic has accelerated existing trends, changed whole markets and created numerous challenges for real estate agents.

But it’s also ushered in new opportunities. For realtors to seize those opportunities and stay ahead in an uncertain market, you need to be at the top of your game. And that means eliminating any productivity killers that are keeping you from success.

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best Chrome extensions for real estate agents that will make your life easier and free up your time so you can stay ahead of the competition.

And here’s the best thing about these tools: because they slot right into Chrome and Gmail you get easy wins right away. No hours wasted trying to learn a new system, no frustrating hopping back and forth between programs when you’re just trying to get stuff done. Your life is already busy enough. These tools integrate seamlessly into your workflow and boost your productivity from day one.

1. DocuSign

Real estate is about moving fast and getting deals done. And that means getting the right documents signed on time. When you’re juggling multiple clients, it can be a massive drain on your time and energy to keep chasing signatures.

You’re probably familiar with this e-signature tool, but did you know DocuSign has a Chrome Extension to make it even easier to get things signed, sealed and delivered? With the DocuSign Chrome Extension, you can view the status of your documents, collect signatures, sign, and send reminders right from your browser, making it easier than ever to close your deals.

2. Grammarly

Everyone knows that photos make a listing, right? It’s why you spend so much time getting the space staged, waiting for the perfect light, and bringing in a professional photographer. Bad photos (or no photos) will nuke a property’s chances.

But poor grammar can also cost you sales. A survey by Redfin found that 43.4% of buyers would be much less likely to tour a home if the listing contained misspellings or poor grammar. Nobody wants to buy a home with “fresh pain and carpets” or take a risk with the “walking closet” making off with all their clothes.

But in all seriousness, poor grammar signals a lack of attention to details–not the image you want to project to your clients who are trusting you with the biggest sale or purchase they’ll be making. Grammarly’s Chrome Extension saves you from embarrassing mistakes and keeps you looking sharp and professional. And because it’s integrated right into your browser and your inbox, it saves you time when you’re drafting the perfect listing in your Google docs, writing an email to a client, or setting up your social media posts.


Looking for a CRM for real estate? Streak is your answer! This nifty app lets you get a ton of work done without ever leaving your Gmail inbox.

By adding the Streak Chrome Extension to Gmail, you can manage your sales, customer relationships and workflows directly from your email. You can also collaborate with others easily and do advanced email tasks like mail merge and email tracking. That means you can stop switching back and forth between tools and tabs, and put your pipeline on autopilot while enjoying an interface you’re familiar with.


You likely already know how important social media is for your marketing game. 99% of millennials begin their housing search online—and so do 90% of boomers. From property listings to client success stories to company news, social media is a rich tool to engage and attract clients.

But, it can also eat up a ton of time to stay on top of a successful social media strategy. The Buffer Chrome Extension helps you manage your social channels in your browser. Post, schedule, and share directly from across the web. Grow your business without neglecting your current clients.


As a real estate agent, you have a lot of documents, links and images you need to manage. Enter Charli, the world’s smartest AI-powered content services platform for businesses and enterprises.

Charli’s Chrome Extension helps teams use Charli to surface deeper insights, generate highly-accurate content summaries, automate content processes and accelerate digital transformation. With Charli’s state-of-the-art AI, unlock more value from your content today.

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