Decision Intelligence

Charli AI Automation is a superpower for finance teams. Charli AI can consume vast amounts of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data and documents and process everything through a complex AI ensemble to deliver bottom-line value to financial services organizations.

Discover and access historically hard-to-find terms, conditions, and data

Existing technologies and tools are rapidly becoming brittle or antiquated when dealing with the diversity in information across the internet and directly in enterprise systems. Traditional tools do not scale with today’s modern information exchange and storage methods – until Charli. The Charli AI Ancaeus Platform applies state-of-the-art AI to understand and extract any type of content and data.

More than just an AIOps solution

The Charli AI Ancaeus Platform was developed to be the dominant platform for scaling, managing, deploying, and automating AI solutions for the enterprise. The Ancaeus Platform is designed to scale all critical elements of a modern AI ecosystem within the enterprise including the active management of data and metadata used for continuous learning and operation. Charli was also built to withstand the rigors of risk, regulatory and compliance requirements in highly regulated industries.

Decision Monitoring for traceability

Decision Monitoring is vital in highly regulated environments and industries – and that oversight is available to users of Charli. There is oversight and traceability provided to users that are responsible for monitoring, security, compliance and reporting with access to the information for the decision workflows they execute. You can inspect workflow steps, inspect data, and teach Charli if the content was relevant to your use case. End-to-end traceability available to you from day one.

Automate processes throughout the enterprise

Consume vast amounts of un-structured, semi and structured data

Extract relevant details including data, legal clauses, tables and images

Real-time and after-the-fact visualization of all decision flows for oversight

Extract the right information, even from unstructured content

Synchronize information from disparate data sources for a factual output

Design and manage decision flows easily with Checkpoints

Find out how Charli can supercharge your business

Empower your workforce and hone your competitive edge.