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Charli AI


Give your teams clarity. And their time back.


1. Have a Paid Webex account

A plan that gives you the post meeting transcript.

2. Have at least a Pro Charli account

Contact sales to get an account or upgrade.

How it works

Charli AI is the insight engine that supercharges how humans work.

Integrate your meeting tool with Charli

You can integrate with Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams.

Send your meeting transcript to Charli through email

Filter out the noise by including the relevant topics in your email.

Get back an accurate meeting report

Get the attendee list, agenda, action items, and summaries by topic delivered straight to your inbox.

How to get started?

Follow these 9 steps to get started.

In the Charli AI web application, navigate to the Integrations tab. charli ai
From the Integrations tab, select Connect Integration button for Webex by Cisco.
From the window that opens up, click the blue bubble to connect your Webex account to Charli.
Sign in using your Webex credentials and select Next.
Select Finish for the Workflow URLs window.
Perform steps 2, 3, & 5 with Docmosis Reporting to integrate your Charli AI account with Docmosis Reporting.
Once your integrations with Webex and Docmosis Reporting are enabled in the Charli web app, navigate to your email’s inbox and forward a Webex recording to.
Use the following command in the email’s body: /prepare_meeting_report >topic topic1 >topic topic2 > topic topic3 >email_address your email address.
  • The topics your provide in the command gives Charli topics to focus on when writing the meeting minutes.
  • The email address you provide in the command is where the final meeting minute report will be sent.
  • STEP 9
    Send the email to Charli and within 10-15 minutes you will receive a report with your meeting minutes in your inbox.

    The future ofmeetings is here.

    Spend less time managing documents & more time securing deals

    Commercial real estate teams use Charli to extract information from agreements, synthesize documents and generate market reports.

    Uncover hidden trends, reduce the risk of error and eliminate tedious admin tasks. Keep information synced up across various databases and platforms so you’re confident with your analysis.

    Streamline your onboarding process & improve employee experience

    HR teams use Charli to analyze resumes, manage onboarding, organize paperwork and extract information to make better business decisions.

    With Charli, HR teams can speed up the resume review process and onboard employees more efficiently. Plus, Charli facilitates a modern employee experience by reducing administrative burden, automates content processes and supports remote teams.

    Gain deeper market insights & put content writing on autopilot

    Marketing & sales professionals use Charli to do more with their content.

    Synthesize large amounts of articles to surface trends, keywords or sentiments. Make link clipping more powerful than ever before. And, let Charli write reports, articles, blog posts, whitepapers and more – with a level of quality you’ve never seen before.

    Surface hidden relationships & eliminate the need to write reports manually

    Research and analysis teams use Charli to reveal deeper insights and free up more time to provide value.

    Charli can ingest, process, classify, synthesize and summarize large amounts of information from multiple data sources. Using AI and OCR, discover meaningful information, trends and keywords, and let Charli help write high-quality research reports.

    Your report from Charli AI Meetings will include:


    More than just a transcript. Get the most important points accurately summarized in clear, human-like language.

    Action Items

    Make every meeting meaningful. Come away with AI-generated action items, get them sent to your inbox, and keep everyone in sync.


    Surface deeper insights. Reveal top keywords so you can see what was discussed at a glance and organize meeting notes intuitively.

    Transform your meetings with Charli

    And give your teams more time to do what they do best. Contact us to learn more.

    Find out how Charli can

    Supercharge your business

    Empower your workforce and hone your competitive edge.