Valuation Reporting


Create highly accurate and detailed commercial property valuation reports with the help of Charli. Charli will find and analyze tax records, land titles, local economic activity and financial records to help create valuation reports.


Valuation reporting historically requires a lot of manual data entry and document reviews which takes a lot of time and resources to manage.

Charli’s document processing allows for teams to easily drag-and-drop engagement letters to be reviewed by Charli. Charli’s OCR capabilities will read the documents, analyze the content, pull data from GIS, review zoning bylaws, review title information, and generate valuation reports based on information contained in your engagement letter.  


Charli can access systems to pull resources like zoning bylaws, county title offices, and GIS to accurately identify and extract details that are relevant to the valuation team.


Charli’s fact-based Generative AI will compile the information gathered from the engagement letter, LTSA, and GIS and population a spreadsheet for the valuation officer to use to better inform the valuation process and identify a final valuation for the property in interest.

Spend less time managing documents & more time securing deals

Commercial real estate teams use Charli to extract information from agreements, synthesize documents and generate market reports.

Uncover hidden trends, reduce the risk of error and eliminate tedious admin tasks. Keep information synced up across various databases and platforms so you’re confident with your analysis.

Streamline your onboarding process & improve employee experience

HR teams use Charli to analyze resumes, manage onboarding, organize paperwork and extract information to make better business decisions.

With Charli, HR teams can speed up the resume review process and onboard employees more efficiently. Plus, Charli facilitates a modern employee experience by reducing administrative burden, automates content processes and supports remote teams.

Gain deeper market insights & put content writing on autopilot

Marketing & sales professionals use Charli to do more with their content.

Synthesize large amounts of articles to surface trends, keywords or sentiments. Make link clipping more powerful than ever before. And, let Charli write reports, articles, blog posts, whitepapers and more – with a level of quality you’ve never seen before.

Surface hidden relationships & eliminate the need to write reports manually

Research and analysis teams use Charli to reveal deeper insights and free up more time to provide value.

Charli can ingest, process, classify, synthesize and summarize large amounts of information from multiple data sources. Using AI and OCR, discover meaningful information, trends and keywords, and let Charli help write high-quality research reports.

Transform your business and supercharge your team with Charli