Charli AI Meetings

Eliminate note taking and extract meaningful information. The future of meetings is here.

Put meeting notes on autopilot

Let Charli’s state-of-the-art AI summarize your meetings and extract action items.  

  • Eliminate the boring job of taking meeting notes manually.
  • Reduce the number of people needed at meetings and increase efficiencies.
  • Stay fully engaged in the conversation.

Modernize your meetings

The way we work has changed. Say goodbye to old ways of documenting meetings.

  • Improve accuracy, efficiency and speed.
  • Stay competitive by equipping employees with impressive AI.
  • Use automation to your advantage and have meeting summaries sent straight to your inbox.

Get up and running easily

Use advanced AI without the usual lengthy implementation process.

  • Deploy to your team or business in a matter of days.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface and modern experience.
  • Get top-tier support every step of the way from our team of AI experts.

The future of meetings is here

Your AI meeting report will include the following items;


Go beyond simply a transcript. Get the most important points accurately summarized in language that appears human-written.

Action Items

Make every meeting meaningful. Come away with AI-generated action items, get them sent to your inbox, and keep everyone in sync.


Surface deeper insights. Reveal top keywords so you can see what was discussed at a glance and organize meeting notes intuitively.

How it works?

Using enterprise AI has never been easier

Integrate your meeting tool with Charli

You can integrate with Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams

Send your meeting transcript to Charli through email

Filter out the noise by including the relevant topics in your email.

Get back an accurate meeting report

It includes listing of the attendees, agenda, action items, summaries by topic – delivered straight in your inbox

Integrates with the tools you already use

Make the platforms you use smarter and more connected. Perform integrations with ease and speed using our cloud API, third party connectors or enterprise integration.

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coming soon

Let Charli transform your meetings

Spend less managing meeting notes and more time getting work done. 

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