Introducing Charli’s New Chrome Extension

At Charli, we’re on a mission to make it easier than ever to organize all types of content, from anywhere, in one place and with the release of our brand new Chrome extension we’re putting that mission into action.

Introducing the Charli Web Clipper, a chrome extension that will transform the way you organize and manage your browser based content like links. Using the chrome extension only takes 3 easy steps: 

Ditch the bookmarks bar. Clip links. Add tags. Get organized. ALL your content managed in ONE place.

Have you tried finding a link in your bookmarks bar and it’s just an endless list of links? Maybe you’ve tried saving links in specific “Business” or “Personal” or “Recipes” folders but it’s still impossible to find it later! Or maybe you’re like the 1,000s of professionals we surveyed who keep more than 7 tabs open on average, just so you don’t lose an important link for work or life. 

Forget dumping all your important information found on the internet into the “Other Bookmarks” folder. Declutter your digital workspace with your Charli web clipper. Easily save important links, add #tags and notes, and never worry about losing that important bookmark again.

Just like your Charli app, the extension organizes and manages content for you, making it easier to find stuff faster when and where you need it.

Charli web clipper allows you to:

  • Clip links from across the internet, add #tags and notes to make them easily searchable #tagging links gives you one system to manage all types of content within Charli.
  • Collect marketing inspiration for your next campaign
  • Clip important links for competitive research 
  • And any other links you may want to share with internal teams, clients, or vendors

Using the Charli Web Clipper with your Charli app opens up a world of endless possibilities. You can share important project updates that include a mix of photos from your mobile device, content from your desktop, google drive, and now links all in one place, on a single canvas, organized using #tags.

See the Charli Web Clipper in action: 

Learn how to Install the Charli Chrome Extension here



Planning a wedding?

You’ll find endless blogs, tips, and vendor information on the internet. Not to mention, discovering how to plan a wedding during a global pandemic!


Search “wedding planning” and you’ll see over 720,000,000 results! That’s a lot of links and information.

As you navigate and open links like the “Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist and Timeline” or “Best Venues Near You” you may have a million tabs open – fear not. With Charli as your content assistant, you’ll be able to save, organize & find links quickly.

Using tags like #weddinginspo or #weddingvenues will help Charli organize the link for you. You can even add custom notes, like “I like this beach side venue” to personalize your content.

Now that you have all your #wedding blogs, guides and venue ideas saved to Charli’s Content Canvas, you can easily share them to your friends, vendors or wedding planner!


Install the Charli Web Clipper and try saving your important content for your #competetiveresearch or #marketingideas or even #dinnerrecipes.

Feel the zen with Charli as your content assistant!


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