Introducing Charli for Teams

How we’re empowering teams to get organized and collaborate faster with Charli Pro and Grow

Here at Charli, we’re on a mission to organize your digital “stuff” – for both work and home.

Since day one, Charli has used the magic of AI to bring you a content assistant that helps you effortlessly find, share, and manage your important cloud docs and web links so you can work like your most productive self (just like an #IRL assistant). In other words, Charli eliminates the administrative task of filing, finding, sharing, and tracking documents, to free up more of your day for the things that matter.

But today, Charli gets even better! That’s because we’re pleased to announce the launch of Charli for teams. We’re introducing two new plans to empower teams to collaborate faster and remove productivity killers from their workflows. Two new plans, same great Charli. Our Pro and Grow plans are currently in limited release for select teams. Join the waitlist if you’d like to try Pro before the wide release.

Why we’re launching Charli Pro and Grow

It’s one thing to keep track of your own stuff. But what happens when your whole team is struggling to stay organized?

Work is more content-driven and collaborative than ever. But you know what they say about multiple cooks in the kitchen…

Before you know it, you’ve got a mess on your hands. Duplicated documents, conflicting versions, siloed information. You’re lucky if your team can find anything without spending half their day tracking down the content they need.

And remote working only makes collaboration and content management harder to keep under control.

For your team to be successful, they need:

✅ The information they need at their fingertips
✅ Time and space to get stuff done
✅ Freedom from digital clutter
✅ Friction-free ways to share and collaborate with co-workers
❌ No more endless scrolling through slack, their desktop, cloud storage, and their inbox just to find a piece of content

Teams both big and small need a better way to get organized and stay organized. That’s why we’ve designed Charli Pro and Grow.

What’s new in Charli Pro and Grow

Charli is the smart AI assistant who makes it 10x faster to track down content and learns your organizational preferences over time. Now, Charli is ready to assist your whole team.

Pro is designed with the busy solopreneur, small biz owner, or small team in mind. With Pro, you can move beyond the individual content organization, and collaborate faster and smarter when everyone can find what they need.

Grow is designed to empower entire organizations who are ready to get more productive and work smarter together with the ultimate AI content assistant.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming to Pro and Grow:

✓ Connect multiple email addresses to send content to Charli (helpful if you have a shared inbox with your team)
✓ Additional content storage connections, so that Charli works wherever you store your stuff
✓ More content canvas templates
✓ Branded content canvas templates (Grow only)
✓ New features, including content reminders
✓ Support for advanced content types like contacts and calendar management (Grow only)
✓ Enhanced admin and security tools, including single sign-on (Grow only)

These features will not be available on our free plans–and if you jump on early you’ll be among the first to test-drive our new capabilities.

If you work in a team, here are some features to keep your eye on:

Content Canvas
This feature is already live and ready to be used. Charli’s Content Canvas is unlike organizing information in folders because it allows users to bring together disparate forms of content — from docs to links to images — and display them on one beautiful, shareable canvas. This is helpful for teams because it keeps all content related to a specific project or client in one place.

In-app Sharing
Coming soon, this feature will allow users to share content with others directly from within the Charli app. That means no more clicking between windows, tracking links or searching for shared docs again. It’s quick and easy, and it allows the receiving party to do what they want with the content.

Integration with the tools you already use
Is your team addicted to Slack? Heavily invested in Google Chat? Loving the Shift life? Soon you’ll be able to integrate with the apps you know and love so that while you’re working, you can send info directly to Charli in-app and enable better find capabilities across platforms.

Join the waitlist and get early access

Our Pro and Grow plans are currently in private beta. If you want to try our new features before anyone else, click here to join the waitlist.

Don’t want to wait? Share the waitlist with three friends and you’ll jump 5 spots and get access to discounted offers.

Here at Charli, we’re excited to continue redefining how you get organized at work and home. Whether you’re an individual, part of a small team, or working at a large organization, we’ve got a solution to meet your needs.

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