Charli AI Launches its Intelligent Content Management Platform for Enterprises

Charli AI is advancing its AI at a breakneck pace and introducing state-of-the-art capabilities to enable companies to understand, extract and analyze enterprise content

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Vancouver, BC, January 25, 2022 – Charli AI, a leading Intelligent Content Management Platform, announces state-of-the-art AI that expands the power of the platform’s AI to understand documents, contracts, forms, articles and other business content used throughout the enterprise.  Its capabilities for understanding, extracting and analyzing the content is unsurpassed and it is helping our customers accelerate their growth, dramatically reduce operating costs, and streamline their operations. 

Charli AI’s platform is a first-of-its-kind intelligent content management platform which, using the power of AI: 

  • tracks and organizes content from multiple sources – including websites, documents, databases and cloud-based apps – and manages it all from one place creating a unified content workspace; 
  • intelligently summarizes volumes of information to provide accurate analysis, highlights and TL;DR digests;
  • Intelligently categorizes, interprets and extracts data to create actionable business content; and
  • builds capacity for knowledge retention, knowledge transfer and collaboration across teams including employees, clients, partners and suppliers

Charli AI’s Intelligent Content Management Platform enables businesses to operate far more efficiently, keep pace with the ever-changing knowledge worker economy and dramatically improve operating margins. From accounting firms to advertising agencies to healthcare services or to legal and actuarial services, any business that manages vast amounts of data and information can benefit from Charli AI’s advanced features. Charli AI’s enterprise customers are already using the latest technology to reap the benefits of state-of-the-art intelligent understanding and automation; and the full capabilities of the platform will be generally available at the end of March.  In the financial industry alone, Charli AI’s customers are looking to achieve a 16-fold improvement in operating costs through AI-driven information extraction and data entry automation.  Across the board, Charli AI’s customers are recognizing the advantages of AI to expand their market share, improve client satisfaction, as well as remain highly competitive.

“CEOs and Executives across all businesses have been accelerating their digital transformation strategies and moving rapidly to the cloud; combined with the impact of hybrid work strategies and the “great resignation” there is an increasing and universal focus on knowledge retention.” said Kevin Collins, Founder and CEO of Charli AI. “And as CIOs within these organizations look to innovate and remain competitive, they are quickly turning to AI to extract knowledge and automate.”

The applications for AI applied to content are endless, including research, discovery, and information collection; reading documents to extract details and produce analysis; as well as organizing and pulling information from documents, articles, notes, videos and data to automatically and intelligently write analyst reports and prepare business documents.  With the ability to integrate to over 500 applications, including ERP, CRM and cloud-based systems, the Charli AI platform can unlock a wealth of knowledge from business content to make teams and organizations extraordinarily effective.

Charli AI is a tech powerhouse backed by a proven team of scientists, engineers, and content management experts. Its data scientists excel in designing new and advanced AI models, as well as refining and training for natural language understanding and generation, document understanding, information extraction, content summaries and highlights, topic analysis and keyword analysis. The team of experts are pushing the boundaries of innovation in the AI-driven intelligent content management space.

About Charli AI Inc.

Founded in 2019, Charli AI (Charli) is a first-of-its-kind, AI-driven intelligent content management platform that tracks, organizes, understands, interprets, analyzes and automates business content enterprise-wide, unlocking knowledge, improving collaboration across teams, and streamlining operations. Charli AI provides businesses with a competitive advantage in today’s digital world by reducing content chaos and manual effort, allowing workforces to focus on contributing their expertise. Today, Charli can integrate with over 500 applications giving it broad appeal across industry sectors. For more information about Charli AI, visit

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