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Charli AI

The world’s most powerful AI bookmarking tool

Supercharge your

bookmarking capabilities

Does your organization deal with a large number of web links? Charli AI Bookmarks simplifies tracking, organizing, collecting and sharing bookmarks. Plus, its AI means you can extract keywords and summarize content from the link destinations at scale.

From conducting research to onboarding new employees, Charli AI Bookmarks optimizes processes, uncovers more insight and frees up time.

Turn scattered bookmarks into

smart collections

Harness web links and unlock more insight

Track all important bookmarks – individually or for the enterprise

Use AI to extract keywords and insight

Group bookmarks into smart collections

Create summaries of bookmark destination pages

Share bookmarks quickly and see who’s using them

Use Charli’s browser extension for quick clipping

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Charli products

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See how Charli can transform your content capabilities

Spend less time managing content. And more time creating value.