Charli AI


Keep web links organized and easily accessible.

A hub for web links inside and outside your organization

Charli AI Bookmarks simplifies the process of tracking, organizing, and sharing web links—both internal and external. Plus, it uses our industry-leading AI to extract keywords and insights from content.

From conducting research to onboarding new employees, Charli AI Bookmarks optimizes processes and lets your teams stay organized.

Turn scattered bookmarks

into smart collections

And unlock new insights

Track all important bookmarks – individually or for the enterprise

Group bookmarks into smart collections

Share bookmarks quickly and see who’s using them

Use AI to extract keywords and insight

Create summaries of bookmark destination pages

Use Charli’s browser extension for quick clipping

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Charli AI Bookmarks

Track the vast number of web links used across your organization or team. Use AI to extract keywords and summarize content from the link destinations. Easily share everything.

Find out how Charli can

Supercharge your business

Empower your workforce and hone your competitive edge.